Suicide Santa (Maqueta)

Suicide Santa!

  Por: Marco A. Manjarrez M. 


So christmas night has finally arrived

Mom have told you that divorce was signed

There´s an old fat man sneaking around

He wants you to sleep six feet under the ground


Ho ho ho! Ho´s knocking at door?

Hey just me! Your same old chum

Dressed in red guy a piece of scum

Who used to fuck your mother n the floor


Dude you better watch out

Cause it may was your fault

I´m angry and seeking revenge

Does my bag looks you quite strange?


I probably seems little jerky

But i´m thinking in you as a turkey

Be sure this Mickey Mouse

Is nearly burn you god damn house


Ho ho ho! Ho´s daddy´s child?

Been baddy, girl? No one does it mind

I´ve a Master Card nude whore with scarf

So lean down and talk it with my dwarf


Santa Claus is coming town

Laughing crazy like a clown

Drive my new Benz trough the States

Talking nonsense who damn cares


Santa is coming must behave

Send me a letter from the grave

Whose lead nuggets are for? Happy meal straight your mouth

Eat here or just take out!